Author: Mimi Bondi

Lounge Session 10

Nothing pops more than painting on a black background and adding happy (and maybe a little fluorescent?!) colours right on top… This style of mixed medias makes my heart sing!!

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Lounge Session 8

Lounge Session 8 was a struggle! I thought I was getting somewhere with my art journal page and then I got stuck… I tried and tried and still got nowhere lol It just happens sometimes!

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Lounge Session 7

Texture is the goal of Lounge Session 7! I love using modeling paste (also called texture paste) to add dimension to my pages and this pretty stencil really made my art journal page pop 🙂

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Lounge Session 6

Lucky me, I got another set of stamps from IndigoBlu called ‘Light and Sounds’, aren’t these cool?? Let’s see what they look like stamped in Lounge Session 6! These may just become another favourite of mine…

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Lounge Session 3

In Lounge Session 3 I am creating a small mixed media piece with a collage of deli paper I smothered in delicious watercolours and the prettiest flower napkin I have ever seen!

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Lounge Session 2

Today in Lounge Session 2 I am turning a page I was testing new stamps one (the ones from IndigoBlu I tested out in Lounge Session 1) into an an art journal page I love 😉

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