This girl, Alexa Meade, is a genius and you won’t believe your eyes anymore after seeing what she does!

She paints the models themselves, places them in a hand painted setting and takes photos of them in a such a way that they end up looking like a real painting!

You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw her standing next to one of her painted models. I think this could be a little freaky if you walked bym thought it was a 3D installation and suddenly the model blinked or coughed haha!

alexa meade

Check out her work and make sure you click on each little tab at the top or on the photo 😉

alexa meade 2

Her paintings in milk are incredible (I know it sounds weird but you just have to find out for yourself!):

alexa meade 3

Make sure you head out to her website and watch the video below where she explains her process and how she ended up painting on people, fascinating!


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