Glorious Colours! Free Desktop Wallpaper by Mimi Bondi
Colour surrounds us, we live and breathe colour often on a subconscious level. How many of us take colour for granted? We often are so busy in our everyday lives to even stop and notice the kaleidoscope of colour that surrounds us. Imagine a world without colour; how would this impact our feelings and emotions, our creative expression and the perception of the world we live in?

Colours in our environment affect us on a daily basis, they can act as unconscious triggers that influence how we think, feel and react to the world around us. We are able to see around 7,000,000 colours!

Some combinations can create a clash of the senses where as other colour combinations create an atmosphere of harmony and balance. The ‘right’ choice of colours can create a haven for relaxation or an environment that can increase productivity, stimulate the mind and raise energy levels.

Colour affects us all on a very deep level, we often use colour to describe how we feel. Instinctively we know what a particular colour symbolises to us or how it makes us feel. Think of phrases such as ‘feeling blue’, ‘in the pink’ or ‘red with rage’.

Colour therapy works on the principle that we all are in need of light and colour to keep well balanced and in good health. Natural daylight contains all the colours of the spectrum that our energy centre need in order to stay well physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is essential that we spend a minimum of half an hour a day in natural daylight whatever the weather, as we absorb light and the coloured rays through our eyes and skin.

How do we know which colours we are in need of?

When certain colours literally jump out at you and instantly and instinctively make you feel good… then you know which colours you need to surround yourself with on that particular day. You can place coloured objects in your working space, you can wear scarves, clothes or jewellery in your chosen colour and you can decorate your living space with objects and art that bring you those good feelings.

Do you have favourite “feel good” colours? I’d be happy and honoured to create a painting based on your favourite colours so you can be surrounded everyday by those good feelings…

Colour Splash - Quality print by Mimi Bondi