Just the thought of imagining myself doing what Nikki Douthwaite does (and how LONG it would take!) really makes me feel dizzy.

Imagine yourself collecting tens of thousands of those tiny paper dots that come out of hole punches, then sorting them out by colour and then… arranging about 30,000 of those dots into a portrait… My stomach is churning just at the thought of it!

Nikki got into this art form while studying Optical Mixing at university and wanting to create a special piece for her degree. She went to Paris and sat for 4 days straight in one spot to get the details of a painting she wanted to reproduce in her own way. After spending months working on it, going steadily crazy and through a lot of physical pain because of it, she created her first piece! The story of how it all began is interesting and… crazy at the same time! You can read about it here.

Here are some examples of her work… I’m just gobsmacked!

Nikki Douthwaite 1

Nikki Douthwaite 2

Nikki Douthwaite 4

Nikki Douthwaite 3

You can find out more about her incredible work on her website: http://www.nikkidouthwaite.co.uk