Colours, glorious colours!

They make me happy, energise me and make me jump for joy!
I don’t know what I do in a grey world… 🙁
I think I would just shrivel up into a little ball and slowly die lol

This free computer wallpaper (that you can of course use on your phone and tablet too) is just about that: GLORIOUS COLOURS for the sake of cheering up your day and to act as a reminder to NOT be afraid of colour 🙂

So go on, paint your walls, paint your art journals and canvasses, spread it all over your hands (and clothes!) and just enjoy COLOUR!

PS: If you don’t feel that confident with colour then check out my book and e-course, I promise by the end of my tutorials, you too will want to surround yourself with bright, beautiful colours 🙂

No Shenanigans! Mixed media book by Mimi Bondi (book and videos)


To download your free computer wallpaper: right-click on the photo below and choose ‘save image as’, right-click on the file on your computer then ”set as desktop background

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