Iris Grace 1

Well, hem, that kinds of put me to shame… 😉

Iris Grace is her name…

This talented little girl is only 5 and is already famous for her paintings. It’s quite incredible as she has only just started to talk because she suffers from autism but is expressing herself beautifully through painting, which she took up as a therapy activity.

Yes, all parents are proud of what their children can accomplish but it wasn’t just hers who were impressed… buyers are acquiring her paintings for around $500 and she is receiving praise from around the world!

Go kid, go!! Maybe one day, people will really understand how much power art can have in all areas of our lives!

Discover more about sweet Iris Grace on her website:


Source: MSN

Here are my favourite paintings by this amazing little girl:

Iris Grace 6

Iris Grace 5

Iris Grace 4

Iris Grace 3

Iris Grace 2

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