To the gorgeous organised bloggers out there…


Today, I’d like to share with you a simple and useful way to keep track of all the social updates you need to make when you run a blog.

There are so many platforms (Facebook, Flicker, Pinterest, Linkedin…) and ways to share content that it can get really hard to keep track of all your posts!

I have researched ways to do this with an app or on my computer and surprisingly, I found the best way to do this is just to go back to good ol’ paper and pen.

Yes… I had to retrain myself to hold that strange plastic stick in order to make coherent marks on a sheet of paper that didn’t resemble a 2 year old’s attempts. I even slipped a few times and scribbled the wall instead but after several months, I am pleased to say I have made it and I can write again 😛 hahaha

I created this free printable to suit my needs but I am sure it will suit most people with a blog too:

– You will find several columns to tick when you have updated your Website and Emailed your list then updated your social accounts on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Google+/Instagram/Linkedin/Flicker and I left the last column blank so you can write anything else you may use.

– the Notes section at the bottom is where I write any ideas I have or posts to upload later on. I write in pencil as I change that section often.

If you write posts ahead, you can schedule them on specific days on this planner and if you decide to not update a column on a specific day, it is very useful to see at a glance if you have forgotten anything. Sometimes, I post on my blog but I don’t email my list until a week later for example.

Right click image then ”save link as” to download on your computer:


This is a PDF set to be printed at A4 size
(click ”fit to size” in the print options if you are unsure so it will conform to any paper size you use).

Let me know if this is useful for you too! I’m happy to share this with you for free 🙂