My Christmas present to you: 20% off books, e-course & workshops!

I cannot think of a better Christmas present for a creative person than either art supplies or an art class…
As creative souls, we constantly thrive to add skills to our repertoire, to learn more and more so we can fly as far as possible!
So this Christmas, cherish your creative self and your creative friends by offering gorgeous paints, watercolours, fun stamps and stencils or, even better: a Mimi Bondi book or workshop 🙂

My Christmas present to you: 20% off all my books, workshops & e-course!

I am quite free spirited when it comes to art making but I wasn’t always like this! I used to be very controlled and precise, making every brushstroke as smooth and soft as I could until it got a little bit… unexciting lol

Now I have a style and techniques that are completely free and forgiving, that allow me (and my students) to learn mixed media quickly and without pressure, and to create art simply to express yourself with total joy and abandon!!

If you are feeling a little stuck where you are at now, or if you feel unsure of where to start, or want to give someone you know a bundle of pure goodness that will last them for the rest of their lives… then PLEASE, give them my No Shenanigans book or e-course, or a fun workshop!! I didn’t create them to make money (art is rarely profitable lol) but to share my passion with you and so I can help you get your own creative wings…

And I am giving you a 20% discount so you know I really mean it! Simply use coupon code ‘20XMAS17‘ at checkout on any of the items below (prices are in AUD before discount) BY 24th December 2017 🙂

Don’t waste your money on socks, chocolates or meaningless products that end up in the bin on Boxing Day!

And don’t forget to register your interest for my new and awesome Mixed Media Sparks Card Deck coming up very soon!! It is so much fun to use and perfect for all levels – just what you need when you feel a bit stuck!!

Mixed Media Sparks: A card deck to spark your creativity by Mimi Bondi

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, a little ahead of time 😉

With love and sunshine,
Mimi Bondi

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Want to learn mixed media effortlessly?

My book 'No Shenanigans! Mixed Media Painting' is full of step-by-step tutorials from start to finish! I promise you too can paint 😉

Mixed media book and e-course by Mimi Bondi


A book to tear up and use in your own art!

My latest book 'Secret Stash' is a collection of mixed media backgrounds for you to tear or use as your own art journal 🙂