Blossom like a Butterfly painting with mixed media

This butterfly painting is by far one of my favourite creations!

I know butterflies don’t really ‘blossom’ but the thing is, that verb conveyed exactly what I wanted to express: the process of slowly becoming bigger and stronger, and most of all, happier… So, I just had to use it!

While I felt this is happening to me through my art, I think it can apply to so many areas in our lives!

We grow from a little seed into a child, a young adult to finally being an adult…
The more we practice something, the better at it we get (Well, usually because this certainly does not apply to me and my surfing skills, let me tell you!!)…
The more serene we become, the more we become loving with ourselves and others…

There are so many examples that this very vibrant and energetic butterfly painting could apply to, I’m sure it can speak to you in one way or another 😉

This painting is so special to me that it was going to be on the cover of my new mixed media book! The only reason that it didn’t in the end is because I didn’t want people to feel misled into thinking they would learn how to create this specific painting in the book since it wasn’t one of the tutorials. But it does express what you experience when you become an artist!!


”Blossom Like a Butterfly” | Hand painted with mixed media on thick art paper, approx. 30x40cm (12x16in), ready to frame.

Full painting:

Blossom Like a Butterfly painting by Mimi Bondi


Blossom Like a Butterfly painting by Mimi Bondi

Blossom Like a Butterfly painting by Mimi Bondi

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