This piece was quite a journey, but a fun one!

The actual painting part took about a week to create but I was working on this piece for several months, starting from rough sketches and slowly letting things develop in my mind. When I finally started on canvas, I let everything go and just let things happen naturally as the last thing I wanted was to have any restrictions or rules to follow!
What transpired is…
– the love I have in my heart… for my art, myself, the close people around me, and life!
– the liberation and freedom I experience when I give myself permission to do what I what love without judging and
– the gratitude I feel when I realise how lucky I am to live the amazing life I have and to have the chance to share my art with you 🙂

Basically, it is a reminder of the inner beauty we have inside… the one that comes from love (for oneself, others and the universe!) and all those swirling emotions we experience… I truly hope this painting will resonate with you!


The process…

I did not know where things would take me when I started on this big blank canvas (90 x 120 cm).
I decided to start painting the background black and then let my paintbrush do its magic…


The result

The result is a piece that is abstract, flowing and dynamic, all at the same time!

– the reds/pink/purples contrast but compliment the greens and blues
– there is movement but also calm
– different layers give depth and makes you wonder what was behind each one
– details (such as the tiny silver ”bubbles” of oxygen throughout) create texture and interest…


A bit more info…

This is an acrylic painting on a quality gallery wrapped canvas, approx. 91.5 x 121 x 4 cm (36 x 48 in), ready to hang. Only quality materials have been used.
The edges are painted black to offset the colours and design of this piece.


Breathe and Keep on Dreaming by Mimi Bondi

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