Collage & Transfer Mixed Media Workshop




Create unique art that speaks for itself!

Learn the simple and fun techniques I use in
my exhibited art 
and adapt it to your exact style!
Recycle, collage, paint, transfer, create texture…
You’ll be surprised at how easy and satisfying this is 😉

Express Yourself! Mixed media studio workshop with Mimi Bondi

What you will learn…

This is a HANDS ON workshop where you will not get bored!!
You will paint, glue, stencil, stamp, rub, spray and get your fingers covered with paint (no brushes allowed) 🙂

In this hands-on mixed media workshop you will learn how to:

  • Create fun background papers using all kinds of (what I like to call) toys: stencils, stamps, ink, paint and more!
  • Create a collage on canvas with your newly made background papers and other recycled papers
  • Transfer words (or any image) from paper to canvas
  • Bring it all together into a cohesive finished painting

I will teach you the techniques and style I have learnt and developed in my own creative journey.
I’d love to teach them to you so you can hopefully discover a new exciting path!!

Is this workshop for you?

If you are after structure, tradition and seriousness… Hem, no, sorry you will not like this!

But if you enjoy getting your hands covered in paint and breaking out of the mould…
If you want to let go of perfectionism and feel that freedom of making art like when you were a kid…
If you want to discover mixed media and maybe a new world of arty possibilities then…


List of supplies

If mixed media is brand new to you, it may feel like a lot of items but know we are only using essential mixed media supplies that you will use again and again after this workshop 😉

I have my own mixed media art supply store/studio on the Central Coast so you can purchase everything needed in one place! Here is what to do:

  1. The blue links below will take you directly to the purchase page for each item I have available.
  2. In the NOTES section at checkout, write ‘please bring to the Toukley Art Society workshop 3rd June)
  3. Select ‘STORE PICKUP’ so there won’t be any shipping fee and so I know to bring your order with me 😉

Required supplies for this workshop:


If you are unsure about anything or have any question at all, send me a message here 🙂

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