Dream Girl

Dream Girl: Mixed media painting by Mimi Bondi

Maybe you are the dream girl, all gorgeous and seductive…

Or you are looking for your dream girl…! Either way, she is right here and all yours…

Admire how perfect her profile is… how carefree she seems with her hair floating in the wind…
Imagine what she may look like in real life… If you call out to her, will she turn around to look at you, with love in her eyes?

For now, let’s keep some mystery around her 😉

This mixed media painting has taken me quite some time to paint, with so many layers of colours and textures which create a background that just draws you in through the silhouettes… Highlighting the leaves, floating feathers and flowers with tiny silver pearl-looking dots gives definition and texture you can feel when you touch the canvas.

Up close you will also notice various texture that you can see, and feel.

I have added a little video of the painting so you can get a true representation of it, as if you were looking at it in my studio – I apologise in advance as it’s really not professional but will give you an excellent idea of what you can expect.

I used acrylics, panpastels and ink to create this original abstract painting on canvas, measuring approx. 90 x 90 x 4 cm.
The canvas alone cost me $90 as it was handcrafted by a professional up north of Australia, with quality materials that you will not find in art shops, even if you bought the most expensive canvas they have. Therefore, it is quite heavy and solid.

Music credit: ”5 am” by Peter Rudenko.

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