Fallen Leaves

With this painting, I wanted to use colours I don’t often use together: purple, red, yellow.

They are so beautiful together, both warm and vibrant at the same time…

Lots of texture makes for a really funky background with a slight 3D effect you can touch and that shines depending on where the light is coming from.

Little gold dots highlight the shapes and give extra detail and metallic colours shines through discreetly from the background.

I have added a little video of the painting so you can get a true representation of it, as if you were looking at it in my studio – it’s not professional quality but it’s honest 🙂

I used acrylics, pan pastels and ink to create this original abstract painting on canvas, measuring 45.5 x 45.5 x 3 cm.


Fallen Leaves by Mimi Bondi

Fallen Leaves by Mimi Bondi Fallen Leaves by Mimi Bondi

Fallen Leaves by Mimi Bondi

Music credit: ”5 am” by Peter Rudenko.

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