Feelings and Experiences

I am so delighted with how this painting turned out!
I started with some various colours (in my favourite combination of blues, greens and yellows) on the background and things slowly evolved to this!

Many layers of colours and various patterns give a really interesting effect and the slightly hidden writing is like a secret teasing you... The colours are vibrant without being too much and the sides are painted black to echo the black outlines in the painting and makes the rest of this piece really pop.

I used acrylics, inks and panpastels to create this unique abstract whimsical painting, measuring 61 x 51 x 3.5 cm and added subtle gold highlights throughout to catch the light from different angles.

I added a little video at the bottom of this page so you can see the painting from different angles, as if you were looking at it in my studio yourself (apologies if it's a little amateur-ish)!

Music credit: ''5 am'' by Peter Rudenko.

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