In the Presence of Wonder

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In the Presence of Wonder by Mimi Bondi

It all started with a holiday trip to Bali in Indonesia… visiting some awesome art galleries and bargaining for street art… bringing some paintings back with me on the plane… getting lots of inspiration… sketching and…


… loving my sketch so much I wanted to turn it into a painting 🙂

I decided to start with a black canvas… No, you’re right, they all start out white but… I covered it in black paint first 😉
I recreated my sketch and when I got to pick out colours and got to painting, I loved every second of the experience!
Maybe because I hadn’t painted a big canvas like this for a while as I was busy playing with other interesting crayons and pencils, or maybe because it turned out exactly as I wanted it… Actually, it turned out even better than that!

It also reminds me to always look for wonder, which is EVERYWHERE.
You just have to open your eyes, and your heart, to really notice it.
It could be a little bird landing before you, the joy you get from helping others, a twinkle in your partner’s eye when he looks at you or just the way your dog looks so at peace when he sleeps and snores 😉

I have added lots of gold highlights to make this painting even more special and I hope you loved this painting as much as I do!

Acrylics on canvas, approx. 60 x 90 x 2 cm, ready to hang.

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Full painting:

In the Presence of Wonder by Mimi Bondi In the Presence of Wonder by Mimi Bondi

In the Presence of Wonder by Mimi Bondi


In the Presence of Wonder by Mimi Bondi

In the Presence of Wonder by Mimi Bondi

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