Inner Strength and Beauty

There is inner strength and beauty in all of us…

And especially in you since you are on this page!

We so often criticise ourselves, beat ourselves up for little things nobody else notices and if we don’t have special people around us to remind us of the good stuff, it’s so easy to forget it’s there…

I have a close friend who is gorgeous, artistic and very talented, kind and loving (insert many other positive adjectives here) but, she doesn’t realise it!
It doesn’t matter how often we tell her, she doesn’t quite believe how loved she is. She recently had her big birthday with a good 50 of her friends coming to celebrate. Being surrounded by all of us, how beautiful inside and out we know she is started slowly sinking in… But those positive feelings quickly disappeared a few days later!

We all need a reminder for ourselves of that beauty, inner strength and love we have inside! It could be a letter from someone who loves us, a bunch of freshly cut flowers we buy for ourselves, a pretty piece of jewellery that makes us feel good…

I choose to have that reminder as a painting that I can see every day and that will never fade away: a beautiful woman who looks strong and mysterious, who looks back at me (and you) with love and certainty ;-).

Mimi Bondi.

Price in Australian dollars, delivery not included (add to cart to get a postage quote!)

”Inner Strength and Beauty” | Mixed media painting with subtle texture and gold highlights on a gallery wrapped canvas, approx. 10 x 12 in.

Inner Strength & Beauty | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi

Inner Strength & Beauty | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi

Inner Strength & Beauty | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi

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