Little Treasures 1 – Smell the roses

Life is full of little treasures for you to discover!

I know you are going to say that life isn’t always pink and you are right!
But that doesn’t stop us for trying to keep a positive outlook and to appreciate all those precious moments (or little treasures as I like to call them) coming our way…

All those little treasures that come for free: the amazing smell of a pink rose on late summer’s night or freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen, the funny shapes clouds magically make in the blue skies above us, the feel of the warm soft skin of a baby’s cheek, the way your little dog likes to cuddle up against you when he feels sick…

I know you can find so many little treasures like these in your life 🙂 Just stop what you are doing for a minute, relax and think and those little gems will come to you!

I created a series of paintings called ”Little Treasures” to celebrate all those gorgeous moments.
Each piece is composed of 3 small canvasses (you are looking at the first piece), all of them have gold highlights to make them special and reflect a little light, as well as a little texture because life certainly isn’t flat and boring!

They don’t have to be hung any particular way, leaving you free to choose what feels best to you: all 3 horizontally, all 3 vertically, 1 vertical and 2 horizontal, all of them in portrait or landscape…

Make them yours to remember to smell the roses 😉

Mimi Bondi.

Price in Australian dollars, delivery not included (add to cart to get a postage quote!)

”Little Treasures 1” | Mixed media painting with gold highlights on 3 x gallery wrapped canvasses, each canvas approx. 13x18cm (5x7in)

Full painting:

Little Treasures 1 | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi

Little Treasures 1 | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi

Little Treasures 1 | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi


Little Treasures 1 | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi

See the others paintings in this series here:

Little Treasures series 3

Little Treasures 3 | Mixed Media Painting with an ocean influence - Mimi Bondi

Little Treasures 2

Little Treasures 2 | Celebrate life with Mimi Bondi

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