Make Your Soul Happy! (mini canvas)

I definitely found my happy place while creating this mixed media painting 🙂

I had created some lovely texture on this canvas a while ago but somehow, I left it alone as it didn’t feel quite right.
Well, it was time to bring IT back to life and I am now loving the result!

The colours are vibrant and happy with subtle iridescent blue highlights.
I love the quote ”Take time to do what makes your soul happy” and this piece is a reminder to never forget that…
It’s so easy to get distracted and lost in what other people want, daily chores and routines and so on!
I know I can’t get through it unless I reconnect with what makes me shine… and that’s painting.

What makes YOU happy??

Box canvas, 13 x 18 cm (5 x 7 in) with acrylics, pencil, inks and texture paste.

Make Your Soul Happy! by Mimi Bondi
Make Your Soul Happy! by Mimi Bondi

Make Your Soul Happy! by Mimi Bondi

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