Never Give up!

Never Give up!

You are tougher than you think! And whatever comes your way, you can get through it if you never give up.

This painting is a representation of what happens to us in life and how we can get through it.

Let me explain what all the elements of this large painting mean to me…
(Of course, they could mean completely different things to you and that’s perfectly fine, we all have different backgrounds and interpretations!)

This painting has 3 main layers…

– The background peaking through the large circles and flowers
This layer represents your life. It is rich and colourful, full of vibrancy, joy, playfulness…
All those positive emotions are represented by all the various textures and colours.
– The large circles/spirals
These represent the obstacles we can encounter at any stage in life: it could be an accident, the loss of a loved one, an injury…
We can’t stop them from happening but the pain and anger they make us feel will try to suck us into a spiral of negative emotions…
We think ‘why did this happen to me?’, ‘I don’t deserve this’, ‘I hate him/her’… and before you know it we have slipped into a negative mental space or worse, depression. We can see our old life (showing through the spirals) but as long as we look back, we won’t be able to move forward.
– The flowers
These seem to be floating from the bottom of the canvas into the air and are on top of all the other layers…
I wanted those flowers to represent the good things in your life, to remember that they are still there floating above it all…
Overcome any negativity by being the strong, smart, brave person you have always been and hold onto to those good things!
Once you can let go of the past to turn towards the present and future, you can truly grow and bloom into your beautiful best self.

Remember to never give up!

I hope this painting will speak to you and remind you to never give up!
I also hope it will resonate enough with someone who wants to start a new positive chapter in their life 🙂

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Mimi Bondi.

”Never Give Up” | Mixed media painting with slight texture on canvas, approx. 75x100x2cm (29x39x0.8in) by Mimi Bondi. Comes ready to hang with hooks on the back.

Never Give Up | Painting by Mimi Bondi



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