Sea Jewels

Finding treasures in the water…

Imagine you are on a little boat surrounded by tiny sea jewels, slowly making its way towards tropical waters…

You look down to the water and notice how crystal clear it is…
The sun is shining from above and there isn’t a cloud in the sky!

You gaze towards the island that is slowly appearing in the distance and notice the gorgeous glittery reflections the sun rays make on the surface of the water.
It’s like your own little private show of dancing glitter, constantly moving and evolving, making the colours change from blue to green, then green to blue…

You find it mesmerizing and this brings you peace inside…
All is well and always will be!

Mimi Bondi.

Price in Australian dollars, delivery not included (add to cart to get a postage quote!)

”Sea Jewels 5” | Mixed media painting with lots of texture and iridescent shine on 3 x gallery wrapped canvasses, each approx. 13x18cm (5x7in).

Sea Jewels | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi

Sea Jewels | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi

Sea Jewels | Mixed Media Painting by Mimi Bondi

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