Spread Your Wings and Fly


Why did I create this piece?

I enjoyed creating Exploration so much that I wanted to keep going on the same track and relive this amazing feeling of just being able to let go and letting the canvas transform itself… and at the same time, letting myself grow.
Creating this painting made me feel liberated!


The process…

I did not know where things would take me when I started on this big blank canvas (90 x 120 cm) but slowly, shapes started to emerge: an eye, a bird, trees…
I added paint, colour, texture, inks where it felt right, for added interest and depth.

As you can imagine, a lot of energy went into this painting as well as many layers and techniques but I am absolutely delighted by the result!

I documented the whole process by regularly taking photos. Make sure you watch this quick video giving you an idea of how this painting evolved from nothing to existence over the 15 hours or so it took to create it:


The result

The result is a piece that is whimsical and abstract at the same time, warm and uplifting, full of positive energy and interest!

Despite having so many elements and colours to look at, the entire composition is well balanced…
For example:

there are busy areas but also some breathing space…

[table th=”0″]

busy,space, [/table]

some soft areas but that are contrasted by defined lines…

[table th=”0″]

soft,lines, [/table]

the canvas is a flat surface so I added some texture for interest

[table th=”0″]

texture1,texture2, [/table]

And I could go on… there is calmness but also movement, warmth and coolness, etc 😉


A bit more info: this is a mixed media artwork (acrylics, ink, texture paste) on high quality gallery wrapped canvas (the canvas alone costs $100, it was handcrafted by a professional and even the highest quality store-bought canvas does not come close to the quality of this one!), approx. 91.5 x 121 x 4 cm (36 x 48 in), ready to hang. The edges are painted cream to offset the intricate swirls around the edges.

Free pickup from my Sydney studio – for a delivery quote in Australia or overseas, please contact me.

While waiting to make an impact in someone’s home, it is safely hanging above my sofa 🙂


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