Spring Dance Mirror

Cheer up before leaving home!

This is my way of celebrating spring time… with some cheerful colours, flying balloons and fluffy clouds!

The design is purposefully uncluttered and has subtle gold and silver highlights.

The inside and outside edges are also painted.

There is more work involved than you may think!
This mirror was sanded, primed, sanded again, then painted with a minimum of 2 coats, then highlighted with gold and pen. Finally, I painted all edges to make the colours pop then added multiples layers of varnish for protection and a glossy finish. As this is made of wood, small imperfections are part of the design.

Overall diameter: 25cm.

I have other funky mirrors and homewares available, check them out! Or I can paint this design on other items if you are after a custom order.

For delivery outside Australia, please contact me for a shipping quote.


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