Sticking Together

Well… this painting certainly stands out as it is a little different from what I usually do!
It was a commission which required me to paint 2 cute tree frogs perched on a branch, sheltering themselves from the rain under a leaf. How fun and heart warming!

The rain was created in the background with texture coming down at an angle and gold highlights to catch the reflection of the ”rain drops”.
The background was painted in vivid oranges, yellows and reds to create a warm feel.
Our 2 frogs take the main focus of this painting with their overly large eyes, bright colours and cute pose 🙂
This was a fun commission to do and if you would like something in this style, please contact me to discuss!

app. 120 W x 90H x 3.5 D cm, hand painted with mixed media on canvas.

Sticking Together by Mimi Bondi

Sticking Together by Mimi Bondi

Sticking Together by Mimi Bondi




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