Treasure Map

Just like a treasure map, this painting represents so much!

The colours are vibrant, luminous and attractive like the expectation of exciting things to come…
Metallic gold, blues and greens shine and shimmer… and hint at treasures waiting to be found…
Texture hints at mountain ridges, rivers and faraway lands you will need to discover…
A touch of red attracts your attention… you may encounter obstacles on your journey! But nothing really worthwhile in life comes easily…
The glass-like/wet finish reflects the light like the surface of the water you may need to sail on…
The abstract design shows so much and reveals nothing at the same time…

Get ready to start an amazing adventure!

Hand painted with mixed media on stretched canvas, approx. 51 x 61 x 3 cm, ready to hang.

Full painting:

Treasure Map - abstract painting by Mimi BondiTreasure Map - abstract painting by Mimi Bondi


Treasure Map - abstract painting by Mimi Bondi

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