You are Amazing (art with positive energy!)

Art with positive energy…

Never rely on others to tell you how amazing you are! Because YOU ARE AMAZING! 😉
You may forget it sometimes, especially when others criticise you…

Don’t you believe people feel the need to criticise when they don’t give themselves enough love?

I know I am much more inclined to say something negative about someone when I haven’t been taken good care of myself (maybe I’m tired, cranky, over worked…). I don’t always notice it straight away because I may be caught up in negative thoughts but once I do, and also stopped criticising myself, the good feelings return.
When I tell myself to be kind, loving, I encourage myself and remind myself that I am strong then I turn into the person I really want to be. And it reminds me of the kind of people I want to be surrounded by: strong, loving, supportive, kind people. There is no place in my life for anything else!

If you feel that way too, and you know that you must love yourself first before you can really love others, then you will understand what inspired this painting 🙂

Keep it as a reminder of your loveliness for those days when you may forget…
Give it to someone who feels a little unloved and could do with a little appreciation for all the amazing things they do and the beautiful soul they are!

Hand painted with mixed media on thick watercolour paper, A4 (approx. 21 x 29.7 cm/8.5 x 9.5 in), this painting is inspired by the lovely work of Tamara Laporte, as taught on Life Book.

Price includes postage worldwide.

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1 review for You are Amazing (art with positive energy!)

  1. Somebody

    This is very, very similar to Tamara Laporte’s “Sacred Inner Eye” class sample piece. I don’t know who did which first, but your colors are even the same and placed the same, etc.

    Someone needs to credit someone else with, at the very least, inspiring the other… but seeing as these are almost duplicates, this is beyond being ‘inspired by’, one of these is someone copying someone else.

    • mimibondi

      Hi Ariana, it is based on her life book lesson which I purchased and if you read the post properly you will see she is credited quite clearly and as per her requirements. I do not copy anyone without permission just like I request people do not copy me without permission.

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