It’s no surprise, we know that children love everything with bright colours.
Heck, I’m not a kid anymore (but still feel like one) and I am still attracted by bright colours and the more vibrant, the better!

However, this doesn’t mean you should let your kids (or me) pick the colours to put on their bedroom walls…
Why? Because giving them the zingy yellow or fluorescent pink they are begging you to purchase will give you a headache every time you open the door… And because you want them to be able to go to sleep at night instead of being hyper, right? 😉

Fear not, you will not turn them into angry teenagers who will hate you forever because you didn’t give them what they wanted, there are some ways around it…
I hear you sigh in relief!

For example… you could pick a toned down version of their favourite colour, such as a lilac instead of crazy hippie purple or a pastel green instead of a fluoro martian green.
What about painting the walls white and get really vibrant accessories such as bed linen, cushions…?
You could repaint their desk or chair in their favourite blue or do an accent wall colour (with pictures on that wall if that is still too much for you to bear!) instead of painting the whole room.

If you would like more ideas, have a read of this short article with inspiring photos…

Photo source: Annie Spratt