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Introducing a new video series called STUDIO TIME!

I’ll be sharing my art process with you so you can see how I create it, how I experiment and learn and hopefully… you will get inspired along the way 🙂

In this first episode, I ended up absolutely loving the combination of purple, magenta, orange and turquoise with all the iridescent highlights!

And this easy art journal page spread has inspired me to create a whole new painting on canvas… check it out here.

Watch the process as I create happiness in my art journal 😉

Studio Time 1 - learn mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi

Studio Time 1 - learn mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi

Studio Time 1 - learn mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work! I am just a newbie, and was really excited when I found your video on how to start a page. Mine doesn’t look like yours, I think I was too heavy with the paint. So, I would like to give this one a try, and was wondering if you have a list of colors you used and which one’s were iridescent? I just love all the different colors you used. I will be purchasing your book and some other supplies the first of June.

    I appreciate the time you spend to show us beginner’s how to do different techniques in a manner that is easy to follow. You are blessing everyone who watches your video’s!

    • Mimi Moret

      Hi Laura, thank you so much for your lovely feedback! I don’t have a list of supplies as this my first video a long time ago but it doesn’t matter as being an artist means making do with what we have (and being happy about creating something that is different!). It’s all about practicing so try again until you are happy with it, and don’t worry if it looks different, it’s a good thing!). The iridescent paints I use are Pebeo (just type that in the search box in my store mixedmediastore.com.au and you will find them). Can’t wait to see what you create with my book when you get it 😉 xx mimi

  2. Thank you so much for doing this video. I am a huge art journaling freak. I love watching other people explore as well. This was just wonderful. I can’t wait to watch some more

    • mimibondi

      So glad you enjoyed it Karen! This was my first art journalling video (eeek!) and I have done MANY more since so you have a lot to watch 🙂 Make sure to sign up to my Sunshine Newsletter for more of them + tips and inspiration http://mimibondi.com/newsletter 🙂 xx

  3. Love your tutorials! Thanks for sharing your talent freely.

    • mimibondi

      You are welcome Marta!! Thank you 🙂 xx

  4. I really enjoyed the easiness with which you show how to do yhings

    • mimibondi

      Thanks so much Cheryl! I want to show you how easy it can be so I try my best to make everything clear and simple so it doesn’t feel intimidating 🙂

  5. This was amazing to watch! Love the camvas

    • mimibondi

      Thanks so much for watching Bernadette! Love from oz, mimi

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