Let’s bring some sunshine and warmth with a little Sunburst from my paintbrush to your screen, shall we? 🙂

Out here in Sydney, Australia, the weather is slowly getting colder at night and the sun is losing it’s strength… Noooo!!

I know it’s unavoidable and I must admit it is nice to cosy up with a mug full of steaming hot chocolate and my pink UGG boots he he 😉

But straight away, I will also have to admit that after drinking my hot beverage, I heat up within 10 minutes and feel silly as I have to remove my UGG boots quickly and return to flip flops hahaha Maybe my winter habits are a little premature after all…

Let me know if this Sunburst wallpaper makes you feel a little warmer inside by leaving me a comment below!
This is actually a close up image of a painting I did years ago but I still love it and wanted to share it with you…


To download your free computer wallpaper: right-click on the photo below and choose ‘save image as’, right-click on the file on your computer then ”set as desktop background

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