Holly Molly! I have never found food to be boring but some people have certainly taken some of it to a whole new level!

It seems you can be creative with just about anything and everything and it’s amazing what people come up with… from dusty cars, to art made of tiny paper dots or even elephants (not so convenient lol), I have now come across the humble sushi turning into  a work of art…

Although this is new to me (I have not seen anything this creative in Sydney – yet?), it is not a new art form in Japanese culture! We know sushi was invented thousands of years ago but in Japan, sushi should look as good as it tastes and many creative chefs have already made their mark…

Just have a look at these! They are just a tiny sample that I have found by searching online and you will be sure to find hundreds of photos yourself if you do the same 🙂

Mhhh… is it lunchtime yet??


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