By now you  may have realised that I love discovering new artists and new art forms… and I just found both!

Heather Hansen is a dancer, painter and sculptor in New Orleans, USA, with a very unusual and holistic way to create art: her body is her paintbrush, in a way…

She first places herself in the middle of a huge white piece of paper… takes on a mysterious pose, charcoal ready in both hands…

She then stretches herself over the large blank canvas and lets the magic start!


She moves and stretches, glides and bends while the pieces of charcoal in her hand follow, creating symmetric patterns around her.


She then smudges the harsh lines with her skin to creates softness…


It is a very emotional experience both for her and those around her watching.


Heather has a deep, spiritual connection with her work and a truly unique way to express herself!


You can watch one of her live performances here, it really is special…

I encourage you to find out more about her on her website here.

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All photos/videos are property of Heather Hansen.