Mimi Bondi Mixed Media Artist, Australia

I create Art as a reminder of what makes life magical…


When do you feel and see magic in your life?

For me, it is when I experience a direct connection with nature and animals. Those sacred moments are profoundly joyful and humbling, and resonate deep within my soul.
They make time stand still.
They make me feel grounded, strong and free.
They make my life truly meaningful.

Words struggle to capture the beauty of those moments and feelings so… I let my paintbrush speak.

With each brushstroke and bold colour I channel my love and passion onto canvas, inviting you to consider my paintings as a visual cue or prompt to reconnect with those elements in your life life that make you feel happy, fulfilled, at peace.

Explore my gallery to find an artwork that will radiate positive energy into your life and make YOU feel JOY.

Mimi Bondi Artist Profile

Mimi Bondi is a mixed media artist, teacher, and graphic designer based in the picturesque landscapes of Queensland, Australia.



If you are eager to explore your own creative journey, let me help!
Beyond the canvas, I am passionate about sharing my style, techniques and fun mixed media resources with you.
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