It’s all about YOU!

Don’t be that person with no imagination who buys the same cheap print as everyone else in the hope it will make your home look better!

Instead, CREATE an interesting story you can tell your family, partner, children and friends about for years to come…

You don’t have to know anything about art, interior design or colours because you found me 😉

Maybe you…

  • are single and want to show that you too have imagination and a sensitive side, and you care about how your home looks
  • are in a relationship and want to make an anniversary or birthday truly special
  • want to show your child how much you love them by decorating their bedroom with something they will love and cherish
  • can’t exactly find that special painting that defines you!
  • want to express a special feeling such as love, joy, peace, passion… but don’t know how

Either way, YOU will be the one people around you will remember as thoughtful, caring, stylish…

No idea where to start??

That’s ok, don’t panic, I am here to hold your hand so we can work it out together!

Just email me here with a few details:

  • what you want to achieve
    For ex: modernise your home, make an impact in your lounge, make a gift for a loved one, make the chicks think ‘wow this guy is cool’, etc 😉
  • approximate size of the painting you need
  • colours you (or the loved one) like (s)
  • if possible, a photo of the room where the painting will go
  • anything else you’d like to mention

I’ll take it from there!

 If you already have some ideas…

You could browse my art gallery for further inspiration, and email me:

  • the names of the artworks you like and/or any other paintings you have seen that attracted your attention
    (let me know what you like about them ie colours, style, shapes, etc)
  • approximate size of the painting you need
  • if possible, a photo of the room where the painting will go

Advantages of getting a custom made painting

There are so many reasons!

  • The main one: this is YOUR artwork, made for YOU and nobody else!
    This means you will have a painting that resonates with you and reflects who you are so it is guaranteed to be special.
  • I can create a photo montage with my paintings hanging in your room so you can see what they would look like without doing anything! Here are some examples done for various customers:
  • You can choose the size or I will help you decide
    If a standard size isn’t available, I can custom make a canvas to the dimensions that would best suit your room. If you are unsure which size would be best, you can send me photos of your room and I will advise you.
  • You can choose the design and colours and I will advise what works best
    Most of my designs can be recreated (as I am only human, each painting will always be slightly different and unique) in any almost size you like.
    If needed, I will adapt the design if the new dimensions are different and if you would prefer a different colour scheme or more of a particular colour, we can explore the possibilities together.
  • Or you can give me a brief of what you would like (if it is something I have not created yet): This is depending on my availability and I will need a bit of time to let the creative juices flow. I will do a draft based on the ideas you gave me.
    When we are both happy with the ideas, I will go ahead with the final artwork but don’t worry, I will keep you updated all the way through!
  • You will receive a certificate of authenticity:
    A signed certificate of authenticity will accompany the finished painting (on request).

Large paintings and overseas orders

Not a problem! I once shipped a 3 meter long custom painting to Florida, large stretched canvas to New Caledonia and hundreds of paintings around the world 😉
I will give you a shipping quote for a stretched canvas and if shipping costs are too high, there are other options:

  • I can send you the canvas unstretched, rolled in a tube. You can get it restretched where you live or do it yourself if you have basic DIY skills (I can let  you know what to do)
  • I can create the painting on paper and you can frame it to suit your decor.

Simply contact me here to discuss!


Want to paint your own painting?

If you would prefer to create your own modern art but have never painted, why not try a painting workshop?
I run hands on workshops that are a lot of fun and will get you on your way to starting your own abstract paintings!
Find out more here and make your own masterpiece 🙂

Either way, I look forward to working with you – remember, it doesn’t cost anything to contact me for a chat/quote!