Mimi Bondi Profile

Hello there! I’m Mimi, an artist who inspires joy through art that celebrates meaningful experiences and the beauty of nature.

I love noticing the small wonders, like sunlight filtering through the branches of a tree or the dance of reflections on water. Through my art, I share these joyful, serene moments, hoping they spark a sense of wonder and tranquility in you too.

I hope my paintings inspire you to pause and appreciate the magic around you…

Born in France and having lived in London for three years while working as a graphic designer, Mimi made the pivotal decision to relocate permanently to Australia in 2003.

Her journey into the world of art began serendipitously while strolling through the vibrant streets of London in 2001. It was there, standing in front of the window of an art gallery, captivated by a striking abstract cityscape painting adorned with a splash of turquoise, that her artistic awakening occurred.

With an intuitive pull towards the energising colour that had been the source of of many dreams for her as a teenager, she impulsively purchased a paintbrush and three tubes of paint from an art store near the gallery, setting the stage for her creative exploration…


Although her initial foray into art felt daunting and uninspiring as there were no books she could relate to and no teaching in the style she yearned to create, Mimi’s move to Sydney a couple of years later reignited her artistic flame. Almost instantly, her art garnered attention, selling hundreds of paintings and leading to numerous commissions, including a notable three-meter-long painting for a local restaurant. Subsequent ventures into mixed media proved equally rewarding, culminating in the honour of winning second place at the esteemed Westmead Hospital Art Prize, where her masterpiece remains proudly displayed.

Driven by a passion for sharing her creative journey, Mimi ventured into teaching, specialising in mixed media and art journaling, creating many workshops and books. Yet, her desire to empower fellow artists extended beyond that, prompting her to open her own art supply shop in 2016, The Mixed Media Store. Over six very busy years, the shop flourished, serving a loyal customer base of 4000 across Australia. However, fuelled by a longing to reconnect with her artistry, Mimi eventually made the bittersweet decision to close the business.

Embarking on a transformative five-month journey around Australia in a camper van, Mimi found herself reinvigorated and brimming with renewed creative energy upon settling in Queensland. Now, as a dedicated artist committed to her craft, she is determined to share her passion with the world once again, this time, with a much clearer voice.

Her artworks not only celebrates life’s magical and meaningful moments, they also aim to inspire others to discover beauty around them and bring joy, creativity, and wonder to their homes.

Mimi Bondi says: “To me, happiness is simple: LIVING fully in the present, NOTICING the magic that surrounds us, and CONNECTING with it. With my art, I aim to kindle that same sense of wonder in others.”

From her newly established Queensland studio overlooking vibrant clusters of tropical flower and towering trees that stretch toward the heavens, she is currently working on a new series of paintings full of life and colour, with plans to exhibit locally. She continues to travel around Australia in her camper van with her favourite companions, husband Pete and fur child Elliot.

Inspiration surrounds her, drawn not only from her travels but also from the simple moments of daily life. The sight of sun rays filtering through foliage during golden hour can send her running to her studio with excitement! She delights in capturing these moments of magic through her camera lens, using them as the catalyst of her paintings. While acrylic paint holds her primary affection, she really enjoys refining her pieces with the delicate strokes of pencils and pastels, and adding touches of shimmering paint to make them sparkle.

* What is an Artist of Wonder?

It is a descriptive term for an artist who specialises in capturing and expressing the enchanting aspects of life through their artwork. It signifies someone who is skilled at portraying the magical moments, the awe-inspiring beauty of the world, and the sense of wonder that surrounds us. This type of artist often infuses their work with elements of imagination, whimsy, and a deep appreciation for the mysteries and marvels of existence.

Teaching with a Palette

Beyond the studio, I’m a passionate teacher and it gives me so much joy to guide others on their creative journey.
It’s not just about mastering techniques; it’s about unlocking the artist within, reconnecting with our inner child, embracing self-expression – and finding peace and beauty in the process!

Join me on this journey where art becomes a language, and each painting is a conversation waiting to unfold.
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