Hey there!

Mimi here! Want to know a little more about me and how I found my calling as an artist? Then read on 😉

France is where I was lucky to be born but I have been calling Australia home for about 25 years!

Funny how our path brings us to unexpected destinations… I was living in London in 2001 and enjoying a little stroll around her lovely streets on an (unusually) sunny day. I ended up walking by a small art gallery with only one large painting in the window.

A brushstroke of turquoise on that large grey canvas depicting a skyline made me stop in my tracks.

You see, I have always been attracted by that elusive turquoise colour… As a teenager, I used to cut out magazine pages showing tropical waters from paradise lands that felt so out of reach (Bora Bora, Australia, Fiji…). They were just so dreamy and inexplicably attractive!

Going back to that intriguing painting… £700 was way above my budget so, because I have always been a ”hands on” kind of girl, I decided that I could probably create my own painting. Bah… why not?! It looked easy and if it turned out to look awful (and it did, at first), nobody would have to know, right? 😉

 And so, there I went, searching for an art store in the area where I purchased 3 tubes of paint and one paintbrush. I did not know anything about painting at that time but I have been learning ever since! Sometimes making mistakes but often finding wonder in how colours spread and mix together on canvas!

Adding on to my proactive attitude, working as a professional graphic and web designer for over ten years has taught me to look at the world and its details in a new light and has definitely inspired me to create strong graphical patterns from shapes and colours I take ”mental pictures” of when looking around me.
Since buying my first tubes of paint, I have been thriving to create my own original style (mostly acrylic paintings and oil paintings) but I also love venturing into making jewellery and crafts, as well as mixed media.

I am truly grateful for the amazing response I have received and so far, I have sold over 330 paintings and love getting custom art requests from Australian and overseas art buyers. I am also grateful for the amazing technology we have as it allows me to show my art online and therefore allows me to send my positive energy throughout the entire world 🙂

Even when I feel a bit down, I still paint with bright colours! Maybe because that’s what pulls me out of the gloom into a more positive state of being. My aim is to connect with you through my colourful abstract and whimsical art so I can bring some sunshine into your life and hopefully, make you feel good (or better!).

With love and sunshine,

Mimi Bondi