About mimi bondi

Hello there! I’m Mimi, and I invite you to step into my colourful world, nestled in the stunning landscapes of Queensland, Australia.
You know… I’m not just a mixed media artist, teacher, and graphic designer… I’m also a storyteller who tries to capture both beauty and imperfection and who uses bold, bright colours to weave tales of joy, introspection, and connection – on canvas.

Colouring Life’s Canvas with My Passion!
For me, art is a magical fusion of diverse mediums—a dance where each colour speaks a language of its own. It creates a safe world where colours are more than just mere paint choices; they embody feelings, tales, and reflections of the obstacles we face daily – and the joyful moments that illuminate our hearts.

I perceive my paintings as windows into the soul… They are an opportunity for me to express myself positively, regardless of my emotional state – simply by choosing bold and bright colours (as a hopeless romantic, I choose to believe joy and love will always triumph!).

To me, my art is an invitation to enrich the soul and a means to connect—or reconnect—with yourself. It also acts as a way to elevate your space, making it feel more meaningful and special. Whether intended for your home, office, or as a thoughtful gift, each creation stands as a shining source of positivity and creativity—an investment in a unique story.

Explore my gallery and choose a piece of art that resonates with you. Each painting serves as a vessel to express my story, and when it becomes yours, it intertwines with your own story, shaping a part of your journey ahead.

Teaching with a Palette
Beyond the studio, I’m a passionate teacher and it gives me so much joy to guide others on their creative journey.
It’s not just about mastering techniques; it’s about unlocking the artist within, reconnecting with our inner child, embracing self-expression – and finding peace and beauty in the process!

Join me on this journey where art becomes a language, and each painting is a conversation waiting to unfold.

Thank you for visiting!
Be kind, and take care 🙂