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Why I have been MIA lately…

This is not going to be the most fun post I have ever written but my life is not just about art... You may have been wondering why I have been MIA for a little while and the reason is:  I have been licking my wounds... It has been about 6 weeks since my little dog...

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Have you been stalking me…?

Have you been stalking me in my lounge room?? I kind of hope so!!! 😉 My Lounge Sessions are now in full swing and I have already shared 10 of them with you! If you're a little behind or missed my last email... Lounge Sessions are sneak peek videos of what I do in my...

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My Christmas present to you!

My Christmas present to you: 20% off books, e-course & workshops! I cannot think of a better Christmas present for a creative person than either art supplies or an art class... As creative souls, we constantly thrive to add skills to our repertoire, to learn more...

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Mixed Media Art Tags Flip Through (ST61)

16 art tags flip through video with close ups! My little collection of art tags is growing quite steadily and since many of you have asked me to do an art tags flip through... Here is the first one! As you will notice, I paint on both sides of my shipping tags...

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Try again art journal page (ST59)

Try again art journal page: when you fail, don't give up! Art, just like Life, often does go to plan but if you stumble and fall, just keep trying 😉 Lucky my art journal is a safe place to stumble as my knees are covered in virtual bumps and cuts haha Ok let's get...

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Easiest foil technique EVER!

This is the easiest foil technique ever! I really love anything shiny! Over the years, you've seen me add metallic ink, metallic and iridescent paint and rainbow glitter to my art journal pages, right? The truth is, I have been jealous of those gorgeous greeting cards...

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Love More art journal spread (ST54)

LOVE MORE!! Love more 'what'??? ART (you knew I'd say that first, right?!), YOURSELF, LIFE, YOUR KIDS, YOUR DOG... Just pick one thing (at least)! Yes, I’m feeling lovey-dovey today and this art journal spread was inspired by a piece of paper I tore of a sales leaflet...

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Mixed media art shipping tag (ST53)

Addicted to this little shipping tag business! I never thought I'd get addicted to painting on a shipping tag because they are pretty small but against all odds, I am hooked! I like to keep them all neat on a book ring which makes for a perfect little flipable...

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