How to create impact with bold colour

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This is the fourth post in my series about BOLD COLOUR (if you missed them, here they are in order:
1. the power of bold colours
2. where to find bold colour inspiration
3. bold colour challenges and how to overcome them).

Today, let’s explore techniques on how to use bold colours to captivate your audience!

1. Create a Bold Focal Point

One of the most effective ways to use bold colours is to designate a focal point in your artwork. Choose one area or element to highlight with intense, eye-catching colours. This could be a central figure, an important object, or a significant part of the composition. By concentrating bold colours in this focal point, you draw the viewer’s attention and create a visual anchor that commands their gaze.

I think my shy art doll journal page is a good example. Even though the whole page is colourful, the doll stands out. Click on the photo below or here to go to the video tutorial 😉
You can also download it as a collage paper to use in your art below.

Create a bold focal point with bold colours, Shy art doll joural page by MIMI BONDI
Shy Art Doll Background Collage Paper 343 Mimi Bondi Personal Use ONLY

2. Contrast and Emphasis

Bold colours excel at creating contrast, which can be used to emphasise certain areas of your artwork. Pairing bold hues with more muted or neutral tones can make them stand out even more, drawing the viewer’s eye to specific details or elements within the composition. Experiment with contrasting colours to create dynamic tension and visual interest in your artwork.

Please take great note of the page below as it is a very rare example of me using neutral colours surprised!! It’s hard to see but the page also had raised texture which also helped the focal point stand out. Click here or on the image below to watch the video flipthrough of this journal and see this particular page a little better 😉

Contrast and emphasis technique with bold colours MIMI BONDI

3. Layering and Depth

Bold colours can also be used to add depth and dimension to your artwork. By layering different shades and intensities of bold colours, you can create a sense of depth that draws the viewer into the composition. Experiment with overlapping colours to create new hues and textures, building up layers to add richness and complexity to your artwork.

Below are 2 examples using my background collage papers (click on images to find out more).

Coffee Grunge Collage Paper 23 Mimi Bondi Personal Use ONLY
Mixed Media Background Collage Paper 323 (printable for mixed media art, download & print) MIMI BONDI for Personal Use Only

4. Colour Blocking and Composition

Colour blocking is a technique where bold colours are used to create distinct areas or shapes within the composition. This can help to organise the space and guide the viewer’s eye through the artwork. Experiment with bold colour combinations to create striking contrasts and visually dynamic compositions. Use bold colours strategically to define shapes, delineate space, and create visual flow within your artwork.

Find Your Way, a vibrant dreamy abstract landscape painting by MIMI BONDI
Desert Mirage, electric dreamy abstract desert landscape painting by MIMI BONDI

5. Directional Flow

Bold colours can also be used to guide the viewer’s eye through the artwork, creating a sense of movement and directionality. Use bold colours strategically to create pathways or lines that lead the viewer’s gaze from one part of the composition to another. Experiment with bold colour gradients, directional brushstrokes, or repeating patterns to create visual cues that guide the viewer’s eye and enhance the overall composition.

Harold, whimsical bird, funny colourful mixed media painting MIMI BONDI
Harold Whimsical Bird Original Painting by MIMII BONDI detail 2

By employing these techniques, you can harness the power of bold colours to create focal points, add depth, and guide the viewer’s eye through your artwork, resulting in visually captivating and engaging compositions.

At the same time, don’t force anything! I have used all these techniques in my art but not always ‘on purpose’. Often it just comes intuitively so use the above tips as a guide 😉

Next time, we’ll talk about composition strategies using bold colour so stay tuned (via my email list) 😉

Remember to share your thoughts below!

x mimi bondi

PS: Blog posts take a lot of work to create – your feedback and comments are truly what makes the hard work worthwhile 🙂


  1. Mimi I am loving all of the things you are sharing about bold colours – I love them so much and only started using them when I learnt mixed media from you.

    I am so happy you are living your best life

    hugs and love always
    Lynne xx

    • Mimi Bondi

      Hi Lynne, I’m so grateful to hear this! Bold colours can be contagious hahaha I hope you are finding some helpful tips in this series of posts 😉 xo mimi

  2. This was really helpful, and your examples are wonderful! Thank you for this valuable series!


    • Mimi Bondi

      You are so welcome Cheryl! I’m so glad to hear you are finding it helpful 😃

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