Art Bundle for Good 2023 Welcome!

Hello my Creative Friend!

Thank you SO MUCH for being part of the Art Bundle for Good 2023, I am so excited to be part of it, and to have you here 🙂

Today we’ll be painting in a style of painting I truly love because you really can’t go wrong with it.

The vibrant colours we are going to use together create a fresh and fun palette that is bound to make you feel happy!

You know… A big focal point is not always needed in a painting! Instead, I will show you how to create several focal points, forcing you to embrace the painting as a whole. And as circles have always been powerful symbols for a lot of people (I add them everywhere in my art), we will use them to create energy and bounce, with various mediums and tools.

The end result reminds me of mountains of colourful ice-cream! Yum, yum… I know you know what I mean… 😉

Ready? Put your favourite music on or light up a scented candle and let’s have fun with paint!


  • The coupon gives you FREE lifetime access to my workshop – BUT ONLY if you register for the class BEFORE 8th November 2024
  • You will find the coupon code in the list of courses you received when you purchased the bundle (this does not come from me)
  • If you purchased the Art Bundle via my newsletter/link, you will also receive AU$50 worth of free mixed media printables of YOUR choice from my enormous Secret Stash Store (just ask me for the special coupon here using the same email you registered with for the Art Bundle).
    If you didn’t sign up for the Bundle via my link, no worries, you can still get a free mixed media printable! Click here and enter “Background Collage Paper 83” in the BLUE search box.

A Taste of Summer | Mixed media workshop with Mimi Bondi

Ready? Here’s how to get started with my Taste of Summer workshop?

  • Click on the ‘LOGIN’ link in the navigation bar.If you registered on my website AFTER 1st Oct 2023 then login as usual.
    If you are new or registered BEFORE 1st Oct 2023 then please REGISTER.
  • Once logged in, click on WORKSHOPS in the navigation bar and then on “A TASTE OF SUMMER’
  • Click ‘add to cart’, ‘view cart’, enter the coupon code and submit the order
  • The workshop will appear in the ‘workshops’ section in your account

To return to your workshop(s) later, simply click on the LOGIN link in the navigation bar 😉

Please note this class is one of the 5 chapters in my No Shenanigans E-Course – if you had fun with this class and want to purchase the full e-course, contact me for a 20% coupon.

No Shenanigans Mixed Media E-Course with MIMI BONDI


xo mimi bondi

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