TWO new exciting COLLAGE BOOKS coming your way!!

New Secret Stash collage books-Coffee Grunge & Collage Party MIMI BONDI

I have managed to keep the secret for a long time but now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag!!!
Boy have I been busy behind the scenes over the last few years…

After developing into a HUGE online library of printables
My original SECRET STASH book is now becoming…

Its own LINE OF PRINTED BOOKS – YEP, more Secret Stash books!!

Yeeessss… I have been listening to your requests!
And yeeessss… I know it’s been a long time coming but I promise the wait was worth it LOL

TWO new books are ALMOST ready (I am just waiting for the final samples from the printers) and ready for pre order from my website:


Coffee Grunge Book mixed media collage sheets & elements MIMI BONDI
Collage Party Book mixed media collage sheets & elements MIMI BONDI

Each book features:

  • 36 sheets (28 full page designs + 8 pages of elements)
  • SINGLE sided pages (ie the reverse of EACH sheet is BLANK so you DON’T have to choose between the front OR the back of the page – you can have it ALL!)
  • PREMIUM full colour printing
  • MATT, THIN paper (best for collage)
  • UNIQUE originals artworks you will NOT find anywhere else.

You guys are the first to know, I have not announced it anywhere else yet!

They will be available to purchase on Amazon very shortly BUT you can pre order your copy right now by clicking the images above!

HintArtists are always better rewarded when you purchase directly from them but all purchases are always greatly cherished 😉

I will be in touch as soon as they are officially released!
These 2 books are only the beginning…

xx mimi bondi

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