Secret Stash Book: Handpainted backgrounds for mixed media (FREE SHIPPING)


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My Secret Stash Mixed Media book is a collection of 98 (YES - 98!!) hand painted mixed media backgrounds to tear and use in your own art or to turn into a ready-made art journal (paint & doodle on the pages)!!




This isn’t a regular book!!! Oh nooo...
This is your PRIVATE and SECRET collection of 98 deliciously colorful mixed media pages,
hand painted by Mimi Bondi - Ready to add sunshine to your journal pages,
art tags, stationery, paintings and more!

... It’s really up to you!




What is this mixed media backgrounds book all about?

My Secret Stash book is about simply creating more art!
I have so many art pages and paintings that one day, while I was enjoying all the details and texture of my journal spreads and of paintings hanging on my studio walls, I started thinking...
How can I make all this arty goodness go even further? How can help others feel inspired to create more?

And then a light bulb went on... Bling!

I got the idea of creating a book that isn't really 'a book'... (But let's call it a book anyway to make things simple)

• A book to keep as a collection of pretty and colourful papers you can tear and use in your own art...
• A book you can use as a ready-made art journal if you don't have the time or the will to create your own...
• A book to lift up your spirits at all times, no matter what page you are on...

So I decided to create a huge collection of mixed media backgrounds, all taken from my own art journal pages and canvas paintings... And now, I am very excited to present to you my one-of-a-kind mixed media backgrounds book, called Secret Stash!

Other than 4 or 5 pages of text (which you can paint over) you will find a whopping 98 pages filled with rich and deliciously colorful mixed media art!!

There is absolutely nothing to obscure the art (no text, no page numbers) and all pages have been left 'plain' on purpose, to allow you to use them in any way you wish 🙂

The cover has a matt velvet finish and the internal pages are printed on matt paper, ready to be painted, written on (even a Bic pen will write smoothly) or just torn apart!!!


What can you do with these mixed media backgrounds?


Here are just a few ideas...

• Cut parts of a page by hand, with scissors or a craft punch and use the pieces in collages, to decorate your art tags and greeting cards, to make your happy mail even happier or...

• Tear a whole page out & use it as an art journal background

• Turn this book into YOUR art journal: add gesso or paint directly onto the pages, draw or paint boxes to write your thoughts and inspiring quotes, add doodles, glue photos and images for added interest, use stencils and stamps to embellish the pages further (you can even paint the covers!)...

The sky is the limit!


Secret Stash Mixed Media Backgrounds Book by Mimi Bondi



This book is perfect for you if you...


• Want to have a source of inspiration right at your fingertips

• Want to see close up photos of my art to get some ideas for yours (for example, for colours that work well together)

• Love to create collages and would like new elements you can use in your art and arty projects

• Love art journaling but are too busy or unsure how to start one: here's one that is ready made!

• Are attracted by bright colour, texture and positivity

• Need a quick pick-me up: open this book at ANY page to get a blast of sunshine!

Secret Stash Mixed Media Backgrounds Book by Mimi Bondi

104 pages, soft cover, printed book, 98 full colour and full size images!

How to order your book:

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  • Click 'proceed' to checkout and fill in your details (don't worry about shipping as it is FREE!)
  • Make your payment (thank you!!) and wait for it to arrive in your letterbox! (Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery)

*  Please note shipping is by regular Australia Post mail with no tracking/insurance.
If you would like insurance in case your order gets lost or damaged, please contact me before ordering as there will be an extra charge.

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4 reviews for Secret Stash Book: Handpainted backgrounds for mixed media (FREE SHIPPING)

  1. Rosie McKeough (verified owner)

    I am so inspired by this beautiful Book it’s the best Secret Stash I have ever had but I don’t want to keep it a secret I want to tell the world, each and every page is awesome the paper is very high quality all I want to do is flip and flip again over and over through the pages but I shall not do this for to long as it’s so inspiring it is begging to be used I am 100% sure that who ever purchases this book will be very very happy so come on don’t wait any longer artists go to Mimi’s shop and get your copy of Secret Stash.

    • mimibondi

      AWWW Rosie, you should be my sales rep!! Thank you so much for your beautiful feedback 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you create with Secret Stash!! 🙂

  2. Anita Sæløen (verified owner)

    Mimi’s book is absolutly adorable! It is full of sunshine and happiness. The pages in the book are of very high quality and every page is a gorgeous artwork.I’m going to get problems using the pages, I’ll really just have it as inspiration and to be able to sit in peace and quiet with a cup of coffee and just enjoy every page over and over again.
    Thank you Mimi Bondi for bringing sunshine to my life ♥

    • mimibondi

      Thank you dear Anita for these truly beautiful words, I am so happy to hear you will keep the book as inspiration to create more of your own art! 🙂

  3. Lynne Dalrymple (verified owner)

    Woohoo was able to do a mixed media painting today inspired by mimi bondi’s new book secret stash. This book is a must to have in an Artist’s studio. It is absolute value for money

  4. Lorraine Cooper

    I absolutely adore this book. At first I couldn’t bring myself to tear or cut the book but after I got over the librarian in my head Lol, I have used it. If I have to name my top three things I can’t do without this would be on the list. Thanks Mimi.

    • Mimi Bondi

      So glad you kicked the librarian’s butt Lorraine 😉 It was made to be torn and played with so good on you for doing just that!! xx mimi

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