Arty Shoulder Bags for passionate women!

If you have found my arty shoulder bags then you must be like me: creative (whether you know it or not!), passionate and full of life 🙂 If you like being on the go, always making the most of every day then I created this range of shoulder bags for women just like you!

All designs are exclusive to and created using my original artwork wherever possible. Who wants some boring bag everybody else already has when you can easily show off your originality and passion with one of mine?!
Yes, my point exactly 😉

I truly love these bags as they are made of soft flexible fabric (meaning they are lightweight & can easily be rolled/folded when not needed!). Grab one for yourself or a loved one 🙂

PS: That’s me below, attempting to ‘model’ the Blooms Shoulder Bag! I won’t make a career of modelling but maybe my awesome bags will hahaha

Arty Shoulder Bags by Mimi Bondi

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