Getting Stronger

The story behind the creation of this painting

I have been inspired lately by the amazing work of Belinda Fireman, a Canadian artist I discovered recently… she uses very bright colours (they make my paintings look pale in comparison haha) and bold shapes which made me want to create a new piece with a big impact! I will create a blog post about her soon!

I wanted the feeling of strength to come across and the message that we can get stronger every day – IF WE CHOOSE TO.

After creating a background mixing various colours and texture to create depth and layers, I added bold shapes swirling together to represent different areas in my life.

We all have different areas in our life (it could be our work, our passion, our family, our love relationship, our health and so on…) which constantly cross paths.
For example, my passion (art) impacts every area of my life! If I’m not creating or painting, I get depressed and so my health suffers and I get grumpy with my partner!
I am sure you understand what I mean and feel the same way πŸ˜‰

But, when we work on improving our we feel about our health, our goals, our relationships, etc, then we become stronger and stronger because all these areas are linked with each other. This doesn’t mean that we ignore or don’t have any worries, but that we choose to rise above them to focus on what is important to us.
Just like the clear bold shapes which are dancing and swirling ABOVE the abstract background here.

This is the message I put into this painting but the beauty of abstract art is that everyone can/will interpret it differently so make sure to let me know if it speaks to you.

Mimi Bondi.

A bit more info

This is a mixed media painting (acrylics and inks)Β –Β I signed it on the back to enable you to hang it vertically or horizontally.

Painting:Β on 300gsm art paper, approx. 29.7 x 40cm
With optional frame: thin simple black frame with perspex to avoid breakage during transport, approx. 34 x 44cm

For shipping outside of Australia, please email for a quote.

Full painting (hang horizontally or vertically):


Getting Stronger by Mimi Bondi

Close up:

Getting Stronger by Mimi Bondi

Getting Stronger by Mimi Bondi

Getting Stronger by Mimi Bondi

Getting Stronger by Mimi Bondi

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