Whimsical Dreams

Whimsical Dreams: mixed media painting by Mimi Bondi

I think I managed to paint one of my dreams at last…!

This is a whimsical and abstract mixed media painting with a lovely mood that is relaxing and soothing…

Warm colours blend in gently and various elements seem to softly float around: some clear, some fading away… just like the various thoughts and feelings that appear and disappear while we are out of consciousness.

I incorporated some texture, gold and iridescent highlights in some areas of the artwork so, depending on which angle you look at it, various elements stand out where the light reflects off the canvas.
This is because I wanted to represent an important aspect of dreaming: the meaning! I’m sure at some point, you have tried to understand of one of your dreams, only to realise that it could have different meanings depending on how you interpret it?

Mixed media (acrylics, ink, modelling paste) on canvas, approx. 45 x 45 x 2 cm, ready to hang.

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