Journal Bubbles Mixed Media Workshop

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Creating a spread in your art journal to jot down your thoughts doesn’t have to be difficult, lengthy or require a lot of art supplies!

In this step by step video tutorial I will show you how to create a simple spread from start to finish, with just a couple of stamps, a stencil, some watercolours and acrylics 😉

This is a very relaxing and simple process you can keep repeating using different designs and colours for unique art pages every single time!

This tutorial includes a detailed list of supplies used in the video (but you can use what you already have!), a 37 min, full length high definition video (‘drying time’ has been removed and boring parts sped up to give you a better experience!), photos of the final page and other examples to inspire you.

Even if you have never painted before, I promise you will be able to create the artwork you see here (and lots more after!) with just a few simple steps 🙂

I hope you will join me for a little mixed media fun in the studio… 🙂

Happy painting!


Journal Bubbles Mixed Media Workshop with Mimi Bondi

Once you are enrolled you will get:

  • Immediate access to the video(s) without LIFETIME access (you cannot download the workshop but you can watch it anywhere, anytime with access to the internet, and as many times as you wish!
  • One on one support (you can post questions within the course platform - please do not email)
  • Access to the Facebook group (always free) where you can also ask questions, ask for feedback and post photos of what you created from my teachings
  • Any free updates I may add in the future!

Please note online workshops are not refundable.

Mimi Bondi Profile


I am primarily an ARTIST, totally in love with mixed media!!
My style is abstract with vibrant colours... and my creativity has no bounds!
It goes from paper, to canvas, to digital art...
From layering to collaging, from throwing ink around to painting with my fingers!
As a graphic designer, I also adore my computer and easily lost track of time when I'm designing.
No matter what I'm doing, time just stands still when I'm creating and I love hiding in my studio all day to create - and JUST BE.

Because I love to share and inspire, I am also...

  • An author (you will find my books here)
  • A store owner so I can find all the best mixed media art supplies for you (you will find my store here) and...
  • A teacher (you will find my mixed media workshops here)
  • A graphic designer and illustrator (check out my Secret Stash here, a HUGE online library of instantly downloadable artworks - backgrounds and elements - to use in your mixed media!!)

I hope you find lots of inspiration from my work and website and will feel the love I infuse into each artwork I create 🙂