‘Stamp Carving Amazing!’ Workshop


Learn stamp carving in this fully detailed, 3 hour long, video tutorial. We’ll go through all the basics to get you on your way to carve design!



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”Stamp Carving Amazing!”

Stamp Carving Amazing! Workshop by Mimi Bondi

So you want to learn stamp carving?

Well now you can as I will show you how to create your very own stamps from scratch! Yes!

If, like me, you have reached a stage where you want to truly make your art stand out from the rest
then this is perfect for you: by the end of this 3 hour workshop, you will be able to make any kind of stamp!
Hooray to that 🙂

 Imagine how good it feels to think ”this design would look awesome in my art journal”…
And be able to have a finished stamp with that design, in your hand, 30 minutes later!

This video tutorial is suitable for you if you…

  • Are a truly creative soul who wants to show her individuality and personality in her art journals
  • Cannot find the stamp designs you want in the shops
  • Want to have tons of brand new stamps the same day you think of, or see a design!
  • Have never ever carved stamps before
  • Want super detailed instructions to learn stamp carving really quickly!

This is what you will learn:

  • The supplies you need to start carving your own stamps
  • The carving material I use and recommend
  • What the Speedball carving tool is & how to use it properly – including how to take it apart, how to insert and remove the blades and what each one does
  • How to cut the carving material
  • How to pratice carving lines (you will have a linear stamp by the end of this exercise)
  • How to practice carving curves with different blades (you will have a rainbow stamp by the end of this exercise)
  • How to create your design and transfer it to the carving material
  • 3 x full length projects where I will show you how to create and carve 3 different stamps from scratch: – a square stamp so you can practice carving lines and curves – a round stamp with my own hand drawn tree design so you can learn how to carve a slightly more intricate design – a simple oval word stamp so you can learn how to carve letters, numbers & symbols
  • All 3 templates from the projects above so you don’t need to draw them (plus you can print/carve them to the size you want!)

By the end of the workshop you will have already made 5 stamps and be ready to tackle anything!

What’s great about this stamp carving workshop?

  • You get a 3 hour long video workshop (fully edited), explaining what to do and how, step by step (I apologise for the little in/out of focus that occasionally happens on the video, it is hard to avoid when demonstrating techniques this close up!)
  • None of the projects have been sped up so you can watch them in real time and see exactly how I do it – but you also have the option of fast forwarding if you start yawning 😉
  • Everything is explained simply and in detail
  • You don’t need any experience at all to start carving your own stamps
  • It will help you build your confidence as an artist and allow you to create completely unique pages in your art journals
  • You can use your finished stamps on any surface (canvas, board, art journal, acrylic paper…)
  • It’s a great way to relax and it’s very addictive!

Recommended supplies to do this tutorial:

So… what are you waiting for?
Learn stamp carving with my help and create your own unique stamps today!
See you in class 🙂

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You cannot download the workshop BUT you get lifetime access so you can watch it
anywhere, anytime with access to the internet, and as many times as you wish 🙂
You also get any free updates I may add in the future.
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Reviews (5)


  1. Lorrie

    I really enjoyed the stamp carving tutorial and felt it was worth the money. Mimi does a very good job of explaining the process. I ended up with some nice versatile stamps that I use often in my art journalling. It was just all round fun!

  2. Diane (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and recommend it to any enthusiastic artist. Mimi takes you through each step in carving stamps and encourages you to have a go yourself. You end up with some very useful stamps straightaway. In fact, I use the very first stamp I made all the time.

    But beware, stamp carving is highly addictive! I love the texture of carving and find the whole process calming.

  3. Ruth (verified owner)

    I would totally recommend this workshop to anyone. Mimi is so informative and shows you exactly what products to use and a step by step process in making an original stamp of your own. I am only half way through course so far and totally loving it.

  4. Sherri Gleason

    This workshop was so much fun! And it feels great to use your own stamps in your artwork. Mimi’s directions are always clear, straightforward and very easy to follow. Carving stamps is something I’ve wanted to do and Mimi’s class gave me the push and instruction I needed. The possibilities are endless and once you start you may find that, like me, you have a hard time stopping!

  5. Lynne CD

    If you haven’t done Mimi’s stamp carving course sign up asap – it is wonderful. I did it last night and have made three stamps (they are dreadful lol and I need heaps of practice but they are stamps) I am thrilled. I had bought some cheap stamp carving rubber on ebay it looked okay but I also bought what Mimi recommended, the cheap one was so hard an inflexible. love the course love Mimi love the opportunity xx

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