Rays of Sunshine Project by Mimi Bondi


100 paintings in 100 days!

All available to purchase for a few dollars only, blimey 🙂


What is the ''Rays of Sunshine'' project?

The Rays of Sunshine project is a challenge I have set for myself to create 100 paintings in 100 days!
”She’s crazy!” I hear you say… Yes, absolutely 🙂 I have no idea what will come out of it but I promise to show everything: the good, the bad and the ugly!
I called it Rays of Sunshine because each painting is like a ray of sunshine to me, and hopefully for you too…

Where does the idea come from?

The idea came from artist Jolie Guillebeau who decided to do 100 paintings in a row. One batch was just watercolour, the next, just portraits, the other, just landscapes and she did them hail or shine as a way to fight the ”demons” she had telling her that she couldn’t be an artist because of ”this” or ”that”.

Why am I doing this?

– Because technology is sucking up my time… updating my website, taking photos of my creations, editing them, updating all my social media platforms. researching new material, writing blog posts and so on… And suddenly  the day is almost over and I haven’t actually done the most important thing to me, the one that makes me feel happy and alive and gives me purpose: making art to brighten up people’s day! So… By gently pushing aside all that technology that easily swallows so much of our time and making time to create something new every day, for the next 100 days, I want to re-focus on what is more  important in my life.

– Because I want to share my art with the world and want to bring ”positivity” (wink)  into people’s life, that’s my purpose in life 🙂

– Because I want you to have REAL art, made by a real artist, with love, care and purpose, not some cheap prints from Ikea (although some are very nice lol)

Original art for a just few bucks!

Of course, art is important to me but it is even more important for it to be part of someone’s life (not just stay in my studio)! And you just can’t compare an original artwork to a mass-produced print…

I want you to have an original, meaningful artwork in your home, not a print! I know not everyone can purchase original art so, as a fun element, I have decided to do what Jolie did and offer each artwork for next to nothing!!!

Artwork no.1 on day 1 will be only $1, artwork no.2 on day 2 will be only $2, artwork no.3 on Day 3 will be only $3 and so on. The main purpose of this challenge is not to make a profit anyway but like all artists, I do need money to live, eat and buy art supplies! Postage will be extra but as low as I can depending on where you live.


What happens now?

Now I just have to make art every day for the next 100 days!!! It’s a little bit daunting and exciting at the same time! My best art is usually spontaneous and I have lots of art supplies so I will be playing with everything I have: acrylics, watercolours, panpastels, ink, etc… Who knows what will come out of this adventure!


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Ray of Sunshine Gallery

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