I’m having (alcohol ink) Lucid Dreams, how ’bout you?!

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I’m having (alcohol ink) Lucid Dreams!

No… I’m not on drugs!! Well, unless you can count the fumes from the stuff you need to play with alcohol inks because that’s what I have been doing it in my spare time lately!

Alcohol inks are not a new product and I still have really old bottles from many years ago (yes, they still work just fine!) but…
With the revival of this fun form of art over the last couple of years, I too have been having some fun!

So much so that I have turned them into a brand new series of artworks called ”Lucid Dreams”. I think the name speaks for itself, right?
You will find all my little artworks up for sale right here – I will keep adding to that section shortly but in the meantime… Here are a few fun ones!

How ’bout you?

Have you been playing with alcohol inks too?
I’d love to hear your thoughts (if you’re not too high from certain fumes hahaha)… Leave me a comment at the bottom of this page to let me know what you love and hate about them and your favourite techniques!
Who are your favourite alcohol ink artists out there?

If you never tried this mesmerising form of art or just want to get some supplies from a reliable store (me!), then click the image below 😉

Mixed Media Playground Workshops (Part 1 & 2) getting closer!!

I have a few (tiny few) spots left at the early bird discount for next Mixed Media Playground Part 1 workshop on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May 2019!
If you are a mixed media and art journalling beginner, or just want to have 2 full days with like-minded ladies to learn my favourite simple techniques with acrylics, watercolours, alcohol inks, etc… Then this is for you! We will also do a few tutorials to put those techniques into practice and have a ball 😉
Don’t miss out! You will find all the details right here.

I also have a Mixed Media Playground Part 2 workshop organised for Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June 2019!
Part 2 is for those of you who have already attended Part 1 or if you are not a complete beginner anymore.
It will be also be 2 days in my studio but this time, we will be doing a whole bunch of tutorials followed by a fun ”take it home with you” surprise project on day 2 😉
If you’d like to attend Part 2, simply send me a message here.

Back to covering my fingers with inks!! 😉

With love and sunshine,

mimi bondi


  1. I hate that I can’t get the timing right to get gold foil to adhere :o(

    • Mimi Bondi

      Yes! That is so tricky!! And it because it depends on drying time (and weather), there isn’t a guaranteed trick 😉

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