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Who wants to do some art journalling with fluorescent paint, and add a little grunge in their art journal? Raise your hand!

I just received some new fluorescent paints so I’m eager to use them, even though I’m not sure where to go just yet.

They are so bright and… fluro! haha Maybe small amounts would be better than covering my pages with them…!

Surprisingly, I ended up with a bit of a ”grunge” look which I love…

If you want to learn mixed media but are not sure where to start, then follow me along in this easy tutorial…


Watch the process as I create happiness in my art journal 😉

Do it with Passion | mixed media painting with Mimi Bondi

Do it with Passion | mixed media painting with Mimi Bondi

Do it with Passion | mixed media painting with Mimi Bondi

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  1. Love, love, love your work!!!!

    • mimibondi

      Thanks so much Dalia!

  2. Tout est beau : travail, bague et ongles

    • mimibondi

      hahaha, merci 🙂

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