A beginner mixed media book and video e-course to release the artist in you!  

 No Shenanigans! Mixed Media Tutorials Book & Videos


If you are a beginner mixed media artist or just want to learn mixed media from scratch, let me teach you my style!
No more “I can’t do that”, “I don’t know how”, “I’m not creative” and so on because I am here to show you fool-proof, easy and fun techniques you will love, even if you have never made art before or have limited art supplies!


Mimi Bondi mixed media videos on YouTube So there you are, curled up on your comfy sofa with your Ipad…

… still/already in your pyjamas, holding a mug of hot chocolate that has now turned so cold you’d rather eat a piece of raw broccoli than swallow that. Your eyes feel as dry as that piece of sandpaper your husband left on the bedroom floor from when he started patching a hole in the wall 2 years ago (not judging, we’ve all been there lol).

The thing is, you’ve just spent the last 5 evenings watching so many mixed media and art journal tutorials on YouTube that your head is spinning with excitement and inspiration…

You know you want to paint and learn mixed media because it looks so fun and liberating and in fact, you already have everything you need to start so…

Acrylic paints heaven | Mimi Bondi You run to your little studio space, your furry little dog…

in tow chewing your ankle because he thinks it’s play time…

Well, it is play time but not for you Joey! You turn on the special daylight lamp you bought just because it had 312 positive reviews on Amazon meaning you just had to have it, adjust the rainbow-coloured pillow behind your back and open up your cherished art journal to a blank page.

Actually, it wasn’t hard to find a blank page because a lot of pages are still untouched!

You lovingly look at your blue IKEA trolley packed with acrylic paint tubes, gel medium, gesso… (and promises!), flip through your collection of shiny stencils… and. look at your blank page again.


Acrylic paints heaven | Mimi Bondi What now?! You ask yourself…

Did you run so fast that Miss Inspiration is still hanging out on the couch drinking that cold hot chocolate? Or maybe she is hiding under that pile of stamps you bought ages ago? In doubt, you have a look through it, stopping in dismay at a ”Ho Ho Ho, off to work I go” stamp you don’t remember buying. You look back at your colourful supplies for inspiration but you recognise the feeling of discouragement slowly creeping in with its non-squeaky black shoes.

You realise you are not sure where or how to start…

… and feel a bit angry at YouTube for making it look so easy! You look at that gorgeous tube of turquoise you only got yesterday and think it looks so pretty next to its lime green and mauve friends but… But…


Art frustration | Mimi Bondi What if I mess things up?

Your stomach tightens up in frustration because you know you CAN do this, you know you WANT to do this but what is ”this” exactly?

It’s not like you’ve never painted before because you already have already done some painting but you want to get BETTER.

You want to FLY! Except that something is holding you back and your shiny excitement slowly transforms into anger and self-doubt.

Like that time at the movies when your mum bought you a big vanilla ice-cream cone that fell onto the floor 30 seconds after your first lick.


Mimi Bondi in action! So what if you got a little help…?

You remember Mimi Bondi’s YouTube videos and how carefree she is when she paints, how she doesn’t give up even when what she did in her little red art journal looks dubiously like her dog may have painted it.

You remember she forgives herself for making mistakes, how just like you, she often has no idea where to start but just gets on with it anyway, how she smears paint right with her fingers onto her pages, slowly making inspiration appear in her sexy hot pink Manolos…

If only she was sitting right there next to you, showing you exactly which colours to combine, which mixed media supplies you really need? If she could just demonstrate, one baby step at a time, how to easily create beautiful mixed media paintings from start to finish?

I am here for you my Creative Friend!

 Become a mixed media artist in less than 6 weeks!

(by practicing 1 chapter/video per week)

 ‘No Shenanigans’ is a beginner mixed media book and video e-course full of fun highly detailed tutorials to release the artist in you!


450 colour photos on 110 pages of highly detailed tutorial goodness, advice & inspiration!

Mixed media book and e-course by Mimi Bondi

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ALL the book tutorials in video format! 10.5 hours of High Definition fully edited videos + 3 PDFs

Learn mixed media online with Mimi Bondi

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Beginner mixed media the fun and easy way!