This painting won 2nd prize at the 2014 Westmead Hospital Art Prize. It is now part of the hospital’s large art collection and will be permanently displayed there for all to enjoy (around 2 million visitors a year!), for many years to come! Click on box for more info and photos.

Secret windows, just like memories from our past…

After a little time off and more time spent drawing on small sheets of paper rather than painting on large canvasses, I wanted to reconnect with my creativity and so… I really let loose on a large canvas!

It was all about ‘being one’ with my painting and being completely open to possibilities…

After around 12 hours of painting with brushes and fingers and many layers, this is the result of my soul exploration!

Just like any exploration, I went back and forth… sometimes backtracking and sometimes continuing on roads that felt good.

As this was an important painting for me, I documented the whole process by regularly taking photos. Make sure you watch this quick video giving you an idea of how this painting evolved from nothing to existence (I regularly turn my canvas around which explains why it may look very different on each slide):

The colours are so vibrant and attractive, little touches of gold here and there capture your attention and reflect the light and the many layers are like glimpses of what happened before and what is left now…

Just like memories from our past, some parts disappear into our subconscious and parts of them are still vivid and alive in the present moment. Only YOU are allowed to look through those secret little windows…

I have added a HIGH gloss finish to this special piece to add extra light to it and to make the colours really glow… and it looks just beautiful!

I am really excited by the result… it was an absolutely wonderful process and I hope it shows!

line A bit more info: This is an acrylic abstract painting (and whimsical too!) on quality gallery wrapped canvas, approx. 91.5 x 91.5 x 4 cm (36 x 36 in), ready to hang. The edges are painted black to offset the vibrant colours on the front. Free pickup from my Sydney studio – for a delivery quote in Australia or overseas, please contact me.

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Exploration by Mimi Bondi

Exploration by Mimi Bondi

Exploration by Mimi Bondi

Exploration by Mimi Bondi

This photo shows you the high gloss finish:

Exploration by Mimi Bondi


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