Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

After seeing Suze Ford’s pretty baubles on Instagram & painting a few of my own, I thought I would show you how I make my hand painted Christmas ornaments!

I won’t lie… This was a lot of work! Filming and editing long videos takes many hours and is tiring but I love it, and I hope you appreciate it too 🙂

Before we start, let me tell you how fun it is to paint your own ornaments: you can completely customise the colours, colour scheme and style to match YOUR true unique style and personality… Instead of displaying boring store bought ones that are just so generic!
Which is what I have always done hahaha But not anymore!

Let’s paint our own and let’s make some happy, colourful, and glittery!
I’ll show you how I do mine and I just know you’ll get inspired flowing to create your very own too 😉

Watch the video (it’s in 2 parts because it was so long, almost 1 hr, sped up of course or it would be 2 hours or more!) and…
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xx mimi bondi

List of supplies:

Grab a cuppa and watch Part 1…

Then watch Part 2!

Here are a few photos to feast your eyes on… Don’t they look delicious enough to eat?? 🙂

Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments Tutorial Mimi Bondi

I can’t wait to hang them on my turquoise Christmas tree!!!

Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments Tutorial Mimi Bondi