Happy mail mixed media tutorial

This happy mail mixed media tutorial actually started with a plan of making an art folder after watching a fun video by Christy Sobolewski (you can watch it here for inspiration).
Nothing really knew to learn but I just love how her folder turned out, and her unique style so I thought: I have a huge pile of collage paper so why not make an art folder too? It’s something a little different from an art tag or journal page, and it’s also useful!

So off I went to the shops, returned ready to go, only to realise I had grabbed the wrong size, bugger!
Not that there is a ”right” folder size to do this, not at all! It’s just that everything I have is A4 size and this was foolscap size (for fools like me lol), which is a bit taller than A4.

So I decided to work on an A4 envelope and make some happy mail instead 🙂

Watch the video below and make sure to leave me a comment to let me know if you enjoyed it, or got inspired!!

xx mimi bondi

PS: All supplies used (not the envelopes!) come from The Mixed Media Store

Happy mail mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi

Happy mail mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi